Introduction to R

This lesson will cover some of the basics of using the R programming language. If you have used other languages, such as MATLAB, this tutorial is for you. The main lectures include basics to get you started and there’s one extra section that we probably won’t have time to cover that includes some more advanced topics like the tidyr/dplyr libraries, which are great for manipulating data and the fmri library, which can be used to read NIfTI files into R.


09:00 Installing R and getting started How should I begin?
09:15 How data are stored Characters? Numerics? Factors?
09:30 Math with scalars and matrices How do I work with matrices?
How do I create sequences of numbers?
What are the logical operators?
09:45 Loops How do I make a loop?
What will slow down a loop?
10:00 Morning Coffee Break
10:15 Decision making How do I set up an if/else statement?
10:30 Writing functions Why would I use a function and how do I set one up?
10:45 Plotting How can I make a quick and easy plot?
How can I make a beautiful plot?
11:00 Reading in data What is the fastest way to read in my data?
11:15 Extra bits we probably won't have time to cover What is the fastest way to read in my data?
11:15 Finish